Friday, October 1, 2010

The Malls Loss Might be Our Gain

Several Disney stores in my area have closed.  The biggest mall in our area has kept their store up and running like normal, but at the less prominent malls, the stores have closed.  I'm not sure if this is due to the bad economy, or if this is a ploy to get more business to the one store to hopefully have it eventually become one of the *new* Disney stores.  So far, there are 6 (I think) of these stores around the country, incorporating more fun with the shopping experience.  They look pretty cool, but there aren't near me to check out any time soon.

I was walking around the mall over the weekend and saw a new furniture store.  But, I realized as I looked around the store, that it was where the Disney Store once sat.  And, they didn't even take down any of the decor!  The picture framing on the outside of the store as well as the frame that used to hold "The Disney Store" is still there, now holding an ugly sign for the furniture store.  Sad!

How does this help us?  Discount stores, my friends (or readers. whichever).  TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods.  Some of my favorite stores.  Now, they have amazing discounted Disney merchandise, and I can only guess that it's because of the store closures.  I've found incredible story books filled with Disney and Disney/Pixar stories, one of nursery rhymes, and even the story of how Mickey found Pluto!  Not only are there books, but I've found puzzles and games for babies and some older children.  Then, I walk into the children's clothes.  Oh, the clothes!  Just last week, I found an adorable Mickey Mouse hoodie with matching sweatpants that Noah will be able to wear this winter.  You never know what you're going to find at those stores, but lately I've been finding some incredible stuff.

Has anyone else found any of these steals?  Let us know by commenting on our facebook page (or on here, of course).

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