Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mickey Mom's Club

The wait is over and officially: I did not advance to the 2nd round for the WDW Mom's Panel.  I've accepted this and moved on.  The applications stop after 20,000, and the guess is that 20k is about how many apply.  So far, it seems like only about 40-60 in the Disney-verse have moved forward to the 2nd round.  And while I wasn't one of them this time (I'll get you next time, Gadget), I'm now officially a member of the "Mickey Mom's Club."

Though I will not be answering questions for the Disney website, I now have access to news, maps, recipes, activities, and hopefully much more for the next year or so!  We'll have newsletters and in the past there has even been a meetup!  Though, at this stage in my life, I can't justify a family-free weekend at Disney (nor can I justify that many trips in one year).

However, my original plan is still here.  I am here to help plan, give advice, tips, and other suggestions for you in upcoming trips!  Or, to convince you that visiting WDW is always a great idea.

Have a magical day!

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