Thursday, October 7, 2010

Running Update!

When I re-started running post-pregnancy, I started with the Couch to 5k program - going from nothing to a 5k in a few short weeks (okay, 8 or 9 long weeks).  That program worked like a charm, and since then I did run my first 5k (31:53).  

Since then, training for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon is my ultimate goal.  I can't imagine ever wanting to do a full marathon, but I like the idea of running other halfs - especially through Disney.  Disney has recently upped their game in the running world.  Just this past weekend, runners ran in the Inaugural Food and Wine Festival Half-Marathon (and 5k) replacing I think a 10k.  Plus, there are the Princess weekend races in February.  And, if you run both a WDW and Disneyland race in the same calender year, you earn a pretty cool medal!  Does that make me materialistic?  

Well, thanks to Jeff Galloway's running programs (now through Disney!), I decided to try his run-walk idea.  He suggests walking way more than I wanted to (2 min run/1 min walk), or other suggestions you can find thru Run Disney, but I decided to edit it to my preference.  And it worked!  I ran 5 miles today - the longest I think I've ever run.  Slow and steady with 1 minute of walking between each mile of jogging.  After today's run, I finally believe that I can run 13.1 miles.  I have until January to complete it, and I will do it!

Plus, if you check that top link to WDW Marathon Weekend and watch the video, you'll see the motivation I have to run.  That video looks incredible!!!  How cool -  character photo ops on the way, running through the castle with Herald Trumpets playing for you, and entertainment for the entire run!  

Now, I'm thinking either California next fall for that Coast to Coast challenge or back to WDW in October for the Food and Wine Half.  Who's with me?
Magic Kingdom, Here we come!!

Happy running!~Jenn

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