Monday, October 11, 2010

Time for a Test Track Update

Test Track at EPCOT is, to me, one of those rides that you do once and that's enough.  Not for the same reason as Mission: Space (motion sickness - pre-easy setting. now no desire), but for sheer boredom.  I'm sure everyone feels this way about one ride or another.  I've actually heard people say they weren't huge fans of Soarin', and while I'll say it's not worth a 90 minute wait (nothing in my opinion is worth that), I think Soarin' is fantastic and an absolute must-ride.  

But Test Track?  Eh.  We rode it in June because Melissa and her husband wanted to and we had the child swap option.  We quickly figured out that even with the fast pass/child swap, if we had done the single rider line, we would have probably would have been on the ride even sooner.  That's not the problem, though.  

The story - you're a test track dummy and they're doing different tests and checks on your car: extreme hot and cold, break tests, speed, etc...  It's clever that first time, but the ride itself never impressed me much.  And now, nearly 12 years after it opening in December of 1998, we're calling for an update.  Don't worry, Imagineers, we've got you covered:

CARS!  Talk about an easy switch.  I don't know if Lightening McQueen is technically a GM car, but I'm sure he could be.  I've heard people say they should switch the Tomorrowland Speedway to a Cars Theme, but seeing that the TS is one of the original rides dating back 39 years now (10/1/71), I say leave that alone and update/upgrade Test Track.  

Maybe this goes against Walt's desire to not have the "regulars" all around EPCOT, but they're all there wandering around anyways, so I think we could have a good change on our hands.

All we need is a story - maybe Lightening and Sally going for a nice drive around Radiator Springs.  We could even tie in some of the testing stuff with Casa Della Tires and Luigi, fixing the tires and testing the breaks.  After they test the breaks and start on their way, they drive through the city and then go for a breakaway race.  Okay, so I'm no Imagineer, but you get the idea, right?

Have any better ideas?  Would you prefer to leave Test Track as is and update another ride?  Leave your comments on here or on our facebook page!

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  1. I'm totally with you on that one! My mom and I have always said that if you're not a teenage boy, you won't like test track! LOL BTW, they're putting in a whole "Cars" themed area at California Adventure. Can't wait for the to open!!

  2. @Kristin - I've read about that, but I have yet to visit DL and CA (the state and the park) so I don't imagine myself seeing that Cars area anytime soon..

    Even more reason to incorporate it into WDW!