Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Disney Store!

It just so happened, that I had a trip planned to NYC for the weekend following the big grand opening of the new Times Square Disney store.  I think, mostly because of twitter, I've read/heard/seen a ridiculous amount of hype for this store and knew I had to schedule a trip.

I didn't think I could convince any coworkers to stop by, so expected to wait until January, when my hubs and I head back to the Big Apple for a wedding.  But, without much convincing at all, I headed almost directly to the store first thing (so what if I said "hey, want to check out times square?" and later casually mentioned the store).  I accept that the majority of the time, I look like a ridiculous NY tourist, camera in hand.  Times Square loves me for that.  So, camera in hand, I headed up to the new flagship store.

The thought behind the new store is that it's more than just shopping - it's 30 minutes of entertainment for your kids  And, that's about what you get.  Trying to compete with the neighboring Toys R Us, Disney needed to step up their game.  

Walking up to the store is a brand new and incredibly beautiful Disney screen, showing pictures of contest winners in their Mickey ears and clips of upcoming movies

Clip of Tangled. Pretty.
You're greeted by cast members as soon as you walk in and several times throughout the store.  Maybe it's because they had just opened their doors, but I've never seen so many happy employees!  We even happened upon one singing Disney tunes to herself as she was straightening up an area.
First views
As for the interactiveness - head up the long escalator to find a station where you can design and build your own car.  I watched a 3 year old boy putting his wheels together and wanted to build my own.  Next to that, there were a few small tables with a their own private movie theater.  Continue walking through the store and you'll find, hidden in the very back, Snow White's mirror.  Wave a magic wand in front of the mirror, and you'll see Snow White come to life.  Every little girls dream!  
Welcoming you to the 2nd floor
Snow White's Magical Mirror

The store is beautiful.  It's much more decorated than any other store and is fun to walk through.  My only complaint was a standard complaint - everything is still so geared to the girls.  There are Tron, Iron Man, and Cars areas, but the princesses do take over.  And, in all of my looking, I didn't find a single outfit for a boy under 2T.  We found several little girl outfits, but none for boys!  But, I guess that's okay because Noah is not in need of any more Disney stuff for the time being.
Tinkerbell's corner

Next time you're in Times Square, make sure to stop by and check out the new store!  And maybe that new build-your-own poptart store.. didn't see that one this time... 
I don't get Vinylmation, but I took a picture for everyone who does!

Have you been to any of the new stores popping up around the country?  Excited to visit?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I cannot wait to see it! My in laws live in NJ, but when we go visit, they take us into NYC. Even better, they are Disney fans too! Of course, I don't think I would ever get Joey out of the area where he can build his own car! :-)