Thursday, November 11, 2010

Disney trivia

I LOVE Disney trivia!

I wanted to share some trivia that I love, but is not as well known as others. Here are some of my favorite Magic Kingdom trivia! Enjoy!

-Mr. Toad has a grave in the pet cemetery after you come out of Haunted Mansion!
(if the pet cemetery tombstones are still there!)

-You “die” in the Haunted Mansion as you “fall” out of the attic window. When your doom buggy turns backwards, that’s when it happens!

-Haunted Mansion attraction doesn’t take place in the “house” you see at all! It all happens in a plain building behind the fa├žade of the house.

-The dog with the keys in Pirates and the dog in Carousel of Progress are both Walt Disney’s dog.

-When you enter Owl’s house in the Winnie the Pooh ride, look to the left. You will see Mr. Toad handing the “deed” to the ride off to Owl. This ride used to house Mr. Toad’s wild ride!

-The walkway is red so that guests enter the park on the “red carpet”.

-The parking lots use 6 of the 7 dwarfs’ names. They don’t use “Doc” because they didn’t want people to confuse that and the boat dock!

See ya real soon!



  1. Great trivia..I got a bit confused a first, 'cause I'm a California gal though! LOL

  2. I love love love Disney trivia! I'm a California girl so I mostly only know Disneyland Resort trivia but this was very fun to learn about and see the differences between the parks. Thanks for sharing !