Friday, November 12, 2010

Introducing the Magical Blogorail!

Por favor mantangese alejados de las puertas.

Okay, okay.  This Blogorail contains no doors, but it does contain a series of Disney-loving bloggers who will each present our own views on different topics.  Though this month is simply an introduction - us getting to know each other, and the readers getting to know different bloggers - we plan to discuss our favorite parks, vacation spots, restaurants, and many other topics concerning the Disney parks. You're starting about halfway through the blogorail loop, but follow the links at the bottom to read everyone else's blogs!

The Disney Babies Blog was created in the spring preceding a 2 family trip to the WDW Resort with my (Jenn) family and with Melissa's  family.  With a similar mission as Amy's, over at Growing up Disney (another blogorail stop!), we started blogging to fill the void of information about traveling in the parks with BABIES.

Melissa has already taken her June '09 baby (Piper) twice - 6 months and 12 months - and has a 3rd visit planned for 21 months.

We met her and her family in June with our then 6 month old, Noah, and are headed back in January - 13 months - so we can run 13.1 miles around the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

Melissa and I became close friends our sophomore year in college at LSU (GEAUX TIGERS!) - we were both in the Golden Band from Tigerland and music majors.  Add a love for Disney and boy bands (hey, it was 2000) and you've got an instant friendship.

Though we don't live anywhere near each other now (Louisiana/Virginia), we still have managed to maintain a great friendship and love having babies only 6 months apart.  They won't get to play often, but our hopes is to meet up at Disney every few years - and maybe a few hometown visits in between - so they can become good friends, too!

I heard from so many people "it's a shame he won't remember the trip."  Well, to that I say: I don't remember the trip I took at 10, nor the one at 12 (except I do remember vaguely that Hulk Hogan was filming a movie at the Grand Floridian, where we stayed - but I remember practically nothing else).  But, I'll have fun while we're there.  And, he'll have a great time.  He just won't remember it for the long term - and I'm okay with that!

Hope you enjoy the Magical Blogorail Loop!  If this is your first stop, check out the next blogs on the loop.  If  this is your first time to the Disney Babies Blog, Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you real soon!

~Jenn (and Melissa)

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  1. I was staying at the Grand Floridian as well when Hulk Hogan was filming his very short lived brought back a Disney Memory! LOL!

  2. What a great way to stay connected! People say the same thing to me about my kids, that they'll never remember it, and my response always is "But I will!" My son was 14 months when he met Buzz and Woody and they played with him, while he laughed and had a great time. I think Joey could have stayed at Al's Toy Barn all day had the cast members let us! :-) It is one memory that always brings a smile to my face (and it was almost 5 years ago!).

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  4. I agree with the "they won't remember comment" thats what cameras are for and they will love every minute while they are there. My children have all taken their first trip before 6 months old and we always have fun. Don't wait until they are the "right age". By then the magic may be gone for them. Take them when its all real and magical and make memories together.

  5. I just love reading these tales from "before my time" (and I mean that purely in the Magical Blogorail sense, of course)!

  6. He may not remember specifics but he'll remember how much fun you guys had. :)