Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jenny's Family Vacation: The Finale!

Our last stops for Jenny's vacation will be Disney's Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom.  

To me, both of these parks are hopper parks.  I've never spent a full day in either, though there definitely are must-sees/rides in both of them.  For now, I'll start with my personal preference for the two:

Animal Kingdom

- I should admit that Animal Kingdom, we were there for such a short period of time (it was SO hot), that I only nursed Noah once.  And, for that, I found the Baby Care Center.  Located across a bridge somewhere and behind a tree :)  I had to ask several cast members for directions!  The Baby Care Center was fabulous.  Free water, nice and air conditioned, and a great place to stay out of the heat for a little while!  I hid in a back room and glided peacefully!
- For little ones, like Tiger, there are many awesome attractions:

The Affection Section which is basically a petting zoo, and trails filled with animals to see.
It's Tough to be a Bug 3D show kept Noah's attention the entire time.
As for the rides, 

Everest will be a must for the parents (in my opinion!), but it has a single rider line, so no worries about the Rider Swap or fast pass!  44" minimum height
Dinosaur requires a mininum of 40"
Kali River Rapids  has a 38" minimum
Primeval Whirl has a 48" minimum - definitely a no-go for those boys!
The TriceraTop Spin has no height requirement, so perfect for both of the boys

As for nursing - I'd recommend the Baby Care Centers, one of the shows, or any comfortable bench.  Unlike some of the other parks, there are no rides I would feel comfortable nursing on - maybe the Kilimanjaro Safari, but then you might miss some of the animals!! And, it is very open to everyone around and I personally prefer a bit more solace while nursing!

as for

Disney's Hollywood Studios

There are several shows/rides to sit and relax for a nursing stop, with only the
Rock'n Roller Coaster
The Tower of Terror 
with height restrictions to worry about.  
Without looking, I can guarantee both are too tall for those little guys.

So, go, grab a fast pass for Toy Story Mania, and enjoy your visit!

Hopefully this has helped Jenny and anyone else traveling with little ones to the parks.

Feel free to offer advice or ask more questions, either commenting here, on facebook, or following us on twitter!

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