Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Travel Tips Tuesday- Trip Pre-Party!

Older kids know about Disney World.  I don't know how, but they know.  Maybe they've seen commercials, or maybe they've heard from their friends (or parents).   But, what about the little ones that don't have any Disney experience?  

Show them a little Disney magic before the trip!

Most of you may know - Disney is all about the experience.  Even the pre-trip experience.  Over on Disney's website, they have FREE CUSTOMIZABLE MAPS.  Maybe you didn't catch that.  Maps.  That you can customize.  For FREE!!  There are 2 options - print them at home, or have them printed and mailed to you.  Again, for FREE!  And, they're on nice, thick paper and full of colorful characters.  These aren't the maps you pick up when you enter the parks.  These could be framed.  The shipping takes 2-4 weeks and they can be made every 6 months, so you can have new maps for every trip (if you trip like we do).

Okay, okay, as if that isn't enough, now you can customize your own vacation planning video.  This one isn't quite as cool, but you can order your own vacation video that you can customize with what you want to see.  Show off Fantasyland, parades, resorts, characters, etc..  Give them a taste of the magic pre-trip.  Who knows, maybe this will help the traveling!

Have you ever ordered the maps or videos?  Our maps from June are in Noah's baby book!

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  1. LOVE the information on the customizable maps. I need to see if I can get those for Disneyland. Thanks!