Monday, November 15, 2010

Twittering away

For the longest time, I heard the word "Twitter" and rolled my eyes.  Seriously?  Do I need to know what Ashton Kutcher is eating for breakfast?  Or, how many dates Kim Kardashian has?

Obviously, for me, no.  

But, once I became addicted to the whole blogging thing, I realized it was inevitable and started tweeting.  

What I learned is that it's amazing for Disney-philes.  It's a humongous and close knit-community of all different people, but because of this, I feel like I "know" several of the Disney Mom's Panel, the finalists, and now I'm already following some of the 2011 panelists before they truly begin their journey.  

But, what's my favorite part of twitter?

Being in the know.

Following Samantha Brown (twitter: @Samtravels), I saw she was heading to EPCOT during the food and wine festival.  Several others I'm following actually got to meet up with her during her trip and said she was just as nice as she is on tv.  But, I tweeted a mention towards her one day and she wrote back to me personally (it's like we're going to be BFF now, don't you think?).

And, now I'll share my "in the know" knowledge with you.

Look for Samantha Brown's newest Disney special coming to the Travel Channel near you Feburary 12th.

It's a shame you can't set the TIVO for 3 months away...

Thanks for stopping by!

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