Monday, December 27, 2010

A Change of Plans

We're leaving for Orlando in just over a week!  I can't believe how quickly time is passing! 

A few weeks ago, I posted our tentative schedule and had purposely scheduled 3 park days without visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios.
DHS Before it opens!
Now, we're starting to reconsider.  After that first ride on the Rock 'n Roller Coaster last June, we're both craving another ride, even though we'll be going single rider this time.

And, we've never made it in time to ride Toy Story Midway Mania without a 90 minute wait, so we're reconsidering arriving for their weak (read: no show) rope drop and making a break for TSMM.

After listening to a WDW Radio Podcast the other day on my 11 (yes, 11) mile run, they were discussing getting there ASAP, foregoing the fastpass, and hopping right on the ride when the park first opens.  Sounds like a plan to me!

The big attractions for us at DHS will be TSMM and the Rock n Roller Coaster (Did Tower of Terror in June.  Once was enough for me!  However, Playhouse Disney, soon to be renamed Disney Junior, will be a must see.  Noah adores Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, as well as several other Playhouse shows.  Hopefully he'll stay awake for it this time!
Noah's 2 favorite characters!
I've never seen Lights, Motors, Actions, after seeing Noah entranced by a garbage truck last week, I think this show might make it on our "to do" list.

And, I REALLY want a cupcake from the Starring Rolls Bakery.

What are your favorite parks?  What are your favorite attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios?  We would love to hear your responses either as comments below, on our facebook page, or over on twitter @disneybabiesblg

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  1. We love DHS! If push came to shove we would even choose the Studios over EPCOT. It's got our favorite ride (Tower of Terror), plus the Rock n' Rollercoaster & Toy Story Mania (although not worth waiting more than a half-hour for). Lights Motors Action is fun if you've never seen it. Try & make time to watch the Streetmosphere performers. Also, if you're there on a Fantasmic night (and can live without seeing it) you'll see the Toy Story wait time drop significantly.

  2. I also love when I take the time to go to the Animation Studio at DHS and take the drawing class. I managed to get two drawings home unwrinkled and had them laminated for placemats!

    If you go to DHS make sure to see Mulch, Sweat and Shears - love those guys!

    I actually say bypass Lights, Action, Motorcars - it sucks up a lot of time and if you have seen it once, eh, not so interesting to see it twice.

    I love Tower of Terror! Can't go on Rock 'N Roller Coaster - it is the only ride that ever made me vomit (thankfully a few minutes AFTER I had left the ride).

    Have fun whatever you do! I also hear the carrot cake 'cookie' sandwiches at the writers stop are amazing.

    : )

  3. Although DHS is my 3rd favorite park (behind Epcot and MK), it is still a lot of fun! I didn't get to go on TSMM either, so you will have to tell me how it is!
    Have you ever been to the 50's Prime Time Cafe? One of my favorite restaurants in DHS. The atmosphere is awesome, the food is good, and the waitstaff are hilarious! If you have time, definitely go there!