Friday, December 3, 2010

The conversion

When I first met my husband (4.5 years ago.. we worked quickly), his major passion was sports.

I remember thinking "I hope to someday marry a man at Disney."  That was my dream.  My passion was music - I am a clarinetist, after all.  But, I loved Disney.  I went regularly and it was (and obviously still is) my happy place.

But, when we got engaged and started planning our wedding, I didn't really look into the Disney Weddings.  The castle weddings cost a minimum of $50k and it just seemed out of reach.  Plus, my husband had most of his family and so many friends living locally, so in the end, practically won out.  

It turned out beautifully.  We still hear from friends and family that it was one of the best weddings ever (man, imagine how amazing with the same people/spirit but at WDW?!).  The day was incredible.  And really, at the time, I didn't think my husband liked Disney nearly enough to want to get married there.

Fast forward 4 years (Adam proposed on Dec 29th 2006). 

Chanuka - I gave Adam a fish tank with the condition that he could get a bigger one if he wanted, but he could also get frogs, lizards, or a turtle.  No snakes, but basically anything else.

He decided quickly on a turtle which he planned to name "Crush."  Isn't that awesome?  I love that!

Now, he's decided (I gave him the fish tank Wednesday.  I told you we work quickly!) he's thinking of trading in the fish tank (figuratively.  I never actually bought the tank) into a model train hobby - less maintenance.  With 2 big dogs and a baby, that's enough to take care of - which I totally understand.

So, after spending a day researching turtles and habitats, he's looking up train sets.  He found a Hogwarts Express model train which he thought was cool (we both love the Harry Potter series, but he then followed the discovery with "it's cool, but I'll obviously get a Disney one."

How awesome is that?  My husband now wants to plan his next hobby around WDW.  I love it!  Can't wait to get that train set!


  1. What a guy! My husband is all about trains- he likes to model (build) his own cars and engines. It's a great hobby that your son can get involved with at an early age too. (Andrew already LOVES trains) Enjoy it! Watch for train shows in your area where vendors sell things and they have layouts running. I drop the boys off and then go scrapbook shopping!
    PS- if you're ever in Wheeling my brother is the curator at the Kruger St Toy and Train museum.

  2. Adam grew up with "pop's" o gauge train set, complete with fairy tale creatures, hand made with lots of love for his grandsons. Adam spent many hours in our basement, intrigued by all the characters. And the beat goes on! Gran