Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daily Dose of Disney

Outside of my house, I keep my love for Disney on the d-l.  I know not everyone feels the same way (heck, I know several people that have never been), and I get that, so I don't push.  Always willing to talk about it, but I won't bring it up most of the time.

Then, I went to the local UPS store to mail Melissa's Christmas presents out (for her and the adorable Piper).  After I declined their $40 fancy box/wrapping for her gifts (seriously?! no way), the manager came over to put Melissa's gift in bubble wrap for me and noticed that it was most definitely Disney related.  He commented that he and his wife (also working there) were huge Disney people.

The girl who originally was helping me seemed less than thrilled about the 5 minute conversation that ensued, discussing Disney Cruise Line (DCL), Disney Vacation Club (DVC), and our upcoming trips, but I certainly enjoyed the random acts of Disney-ocity.

That made me wonder if they happened to be the same people living in my neighborhood whose house I ran past with DISBoards and Mickeys drawn on the dirt on the car window... hmmmm

Then, this morning at daycare, I watched a dad drop of his son, just a few months younger than Noah, with a Mickey blanket that we have - one that matches Noah's entire nursery - and made a comment which he said "Oh yeah, we're Mickey people."  I love that.

Keep 'em coming.

At yoga, of all places.  I was talking to the woman next to me before class started.  We were discussing a newer shopping center which is centered around a big, amazing Wegmans (read: best grocery store. ever.).  And, while the store is great, the parking lot is a zoo and to exit, you must drive through the rest of the shopping area - dozens of stores and restaurants.  To my amusement, she compared leaving the grocery store like exiting a Disney ride: having to exit through shops, etc...   So true - that definitely made me laugh!

Now you know, if you see me and want to talk Disney, you may just make my day.  Go ahead ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great post Jenn. I live in a fairly progressive college town where the typical topics of conversation tend to include thoughts on high-speed rail, organic farming and various political activist activities.

    Now I'm all for these forward-thinking ideas, but if talk does ever arise in regards to Disney, it's almost always in a negative context...over-commercialism, greedy mega-corporations, etc. Thus, I too tend to keep my personal Disney life on the d-l.

    So it's always a pleasant surprise to on occasion discover like-minded Disney fanatics in the most unexpected situations. I cautiously shared my love of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the other day at a party, and was met with unexpected support.

    Such is the life of a closet Disney fanatic.

  2. I usually have on Mickey earrings and a pin and a watch and a ring . . .

    I often get comments and what happens is they ask if I have been to WDW or DL and when they find out both, I get to answer the questions "Which is better?" "How many times" . . . I always bring out the Disney-ocity and answer everything. I love spreading the Disney joy.

    Unless you come to Vancouver, BC, I won't be running into you. So Happy Disney to all.


  3. Talk about coincidence, I was just in the laundry room and started chatting with a neighbour, I offered to get out my sewing machine and do a quick repair for her. She came to my apartment and noticed my Disney stuff and we had a great conversation. I also gave her a WDW pamphlet from my last trip.
    Happy Disney-ocity.

    gaylin (again)

  4. SWS - I'm more with you and the closet WDW fan.. minus the public posting of my blog on fb... :)

    Gaylin - Rock your disney stuff! I just make my son rock it instead.... and I want something for my car...

  5. Hey Jenn,
    Good post! I'll admit that I have no problems bringing up my fondness for the Mouse! I notice that my reader Gaylin is commenting here also! Hello Gaylin, hope things are great in Vancouver. Lastly, Merry Christmas to everyone!


  6. I hope that didn't come off as possessive, that wasn't my intention, so if it did, sorry!

  7. Hey Mike
    Don't worry, I can comment in more than one place!