Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On a More Personal Note

I don't always post too much about Noah, but this week, he's most definitely deserving his own post.
From his 1 year Photo shoot
Obviously, he doesn't realize he's about to take a big trip back to The Happiest Place on Earth.

He doesn't know that he will *hopefully* get to meet his FAVORITE Minnie Mouse - he has 2 different Minnie Mouse toys that he carries with him whenever possible.  He has the Mickey Mouse toys that go with them, but most of the time, Minnie wins.

What does  he know?  

He knows how to say "cracker"  
and how to say "Daddy"
and while he knows that I'm "Mommy," he refers to me as "Da Da" (not my fave, but we're working on it)

Noah looks for his "ruckies" (trucks) when he's playing then calls for the "oggies" when the dogs bark.

He knows when we're turning on On Demand episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

But best of all, he knows how to show love.

When I pick him up (from daycare, for example), he leans his forehead up to my lips for a kiss.  When we say goodnight, one of us puts him down while the other one goes downstairs to start dinner.  He'll "blow kisses" to us, or lean between the stair rails to get more forehead kisses.

And, he loves as much as we do our favorite game: giving hugs.

Noah runs between both Adam and me and gives us hugs back and forth.  "Go to Daddy" and he turns around and runs full of smiles to Adam.  Adam will follow with "Go get Mommy" and then he runs happily to me.  (On a Disney-related note, this could be part of his "training" for his 100 meter diaper dash next Friday!)

And aren't those eyes heartwarming?

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Noah is just adorable! All those hugs are great practice for meeting his favorite characters in the park too - have your camera ready! :-)

    I can't wait to hear about your trip and the run! Good luck!

  2. awww. that is adorable!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. So anxious to hear a daily blow by blow account of your trip. Most adorable baby on earth. Kinda love his Mommy and Daddy, too. Hugs from Gran.