Friday, December 17, 2010


I've never been one to watch parades.

Actually, I've always been in the parades.  But, other than Mardi Gras parades, I've never been one into watching them.
Marching in the 2009 Inaugural Parade.  I'm in the middle

And, I have to admit, I'm the same at Walt Disney World.  Other than the Spectromagic Parade that I marched in with my high school band in 1997, I've never really paid that much attention to the parades.  Parades to me mean shorter wait time at the big rides.
A random parade shot fro 2006

We even had to rush past the Main Street Electrical Parade with the babies last June, though that one did have me wishing we didn't have to go back.

But when we were staying at the Contemporary Resort in June of 2009, we discovered a different type of parade.  The Electrical Water Pageant is like a secret parade.  We only discovered it by seeing it outside our resort balcony.
Blurry Dragon
Every night (weather permitting), this parade "floats" through the lagoon, making its way between the different resorts located on the lagoon.
Flags and such. 
Please excuse the terrible photography!

The "best" photo I could find!

Next time I visit my parents house (spring probably), I'll go digging for some memories from 1997 with the Spectro Magic Parade, but for now, these are the best pictures I could find.

What are your favorite Disney (or other) parades?  Have you been lucky enough to spot the Electrical Water Pageant?

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  1. We've seen the Electrical Water Pageant several times. On our last trip though, we were able to spot eat while dining at California Grill! But word of caution, if you are leaving Hoop Dee Doo by boat back to MK, you may have to sit a while waiting for the pageant to pass . . . that has happened to us before.

  2. Taking that sweet little boy of yours might change your outlook on Parades. I would give it a try! Alexis and Carter LIVE for Disney parades. It's all they talk about before, during, and after our trips to Disney. Although, you must have a front row seat or you are wasting your time. We usually put a stroller and a couple people to stake out a spot (if we have the extra bodies), take the kids to ride one more ride and then bring them back for a snack while we wait on the parade. At Magic Kingdom, if you plan it right and get the perfect spot your wait can usually include one of the shows at the castle and once the parade is over, you might just already be in the perfect spot to watch the fireworks and see tinkerbell fly (a new big one in our house). We always watch one parade and ride during the other. :) ---Ashley