Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Running Update - Running with a Purpose

With just over a month to go, Adam and I are continuing  our training so we'll be prepared for (and hopefully not too sore after) January's Half Marathon.

I had to take some running down time for injuries - doctors orders.  I was getting a little worried and even looked into the WDW Marathon Weekend 5k (already sold out)  But, I've logged over 8 miles this week and feel GREAT, so I'm absolutely back in the game and planning to finish the 13.1 miles!

Being behind on my podcasts (I caught up this morning!), I missed last weekends WDW Radio podcast in which Lou Mongello announced that he has a WDW Running Team and it's open for anyone to join.  Luckily, I saw it mentioned on facebook or twitter and jumped on that idea.  Not only running through the Happiest Place on Earth, and not only running with a team of avid Disney lovers, but running to donate money to an amazing charity - the Make-a-Wish Foundation through the Dream Team Project.

Now, Adam and I will be purchasing WDW Radio Running Team race t-shirts, and helping to raise a minimum of $100 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  I haven't done a fundraiser since high school and I never liked fundraising.  However, if you're interested in donating even $1-$5 for a great race and a great cause, please let me know!

Anyone else running or want to be a part of the team?

*****You can donate through paypal to******
Thank you all for all your support!



  1. What a great cause! Good luck with the run. I am hoping to run a Disney marathon one of these years!