Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Running updates!

With 24 days to go until the Walt Disney World Half Marathon (hooray!), I finally feel as ready as I'm going to be.. well not quite, but I know I'll be ready when I get there!

I've been lucky enough for the past couple of weeks to have a new running buddy.  She doesn't (seem to) mind my complaining and she helps me push at the end.

Saturday, we went out for a 9 mile run.  We started going and I started my GPS watch, only to realize that it restarted a previous session, so the first nearly 1/2 mile wasn't tracked.  In a way it's good - it pushed me over the 9 mile goal I had.

However, after an hour of running, it was 34 degrees, and my body did not like that.  I think "hot" (88 degree room) yoga is making me really appreciate the warmth.  7 miles in, my body finally broke into a comfortable stride which lasted through the 8th mile.  The 9th mile felt.. well, it didn't feel good, but we finished it and then had a nice 3/4 mile walk back to our cars.  And, with the accomplishment of having completed 9 miles.  My running buddy (hi, Cat!) had done a half- marathon the weekend before, so 9 wasn't huge for her, but it's still a great feeling.

I have 1 more long run, Christmas weekend I'm headed out for 11 miles, and then it's short runs until the actual show!  Ooh, I can't wait!

And, as a bragging wife, my husband completed his first ever 13.1 mile run in under 2 1/2 hours last Friday.  He'll head out for a 15 mile run on Christmas day as his final preparation.

We both have new running shoes that we're semi-breaking in, and we're SO ready to go!  I downloaded a cool new widget for my phone with a countdown for our trip!

We're still raising money for the WDW Running team - for Lou Mongello's Charity, Dreams - raising money for the Make a Wish foundation to help children visit Disney World!!  Donations are totally welcomed, so please let me know if you're interested in helping!

Happy running!


  1. Should say Adam did his run in 2.5 hours. Not 1.5. Oops!

  2. That's great! I run also...I'm about an hour and a half away from WDW...where do you find information on how to sign up for the runs?

  3. Sarah - has ALL the info you need for the runs! There are I think 4 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and several other events (5ks, etc...) every year. You should definitely check into them! I've heard they're AMAZING and can't wait to experience it!

  4. Awesome! Glad I followed on Twitter so I could get this info :)

  5. Glad to help!! Never thought Twitter would be so helpful!

  6. I just looked at the page, do you know if the reg fee covers just the entry to the race and not the park? If my family waits for me to finish do they have to pay for the park?

  7. The full marathon covers admission to the park and that's new this year - "Marathon Monday" half marathoners pay the same price, but don't get the free admission. Family and friends can enter certain parts of the parks to watch and cheer without paying.. check out and look for "spectator resources"
    Looks like January's 1/2 is full, but there are still a few spots for the full.. and I doubt Feb's Princess is already full if you're interested in that - I think there are discounts available for that park tickets for the princess races as well (not for marathon weekend, though).
    Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions on twitter if thats easier!