Monday, January 3, 2011

So Close I Can Almost Taste It!

With our trip right around the corner, I've been reviewing and adjusting our plans almost daily.  Adding or changing existing ADR's, changing park plans, and making plans with friends - I can't get enough!  I've listened to several new (to me) podcasts in the past week, continued reading Disney Trivia books, and finally purchased our park tickets. 

The other night, I went to Disney's official website to double check our ADR's and realized I scheduled one for the night before we ARRIVE and not before we depart.   Oops!  I quickly changed that, but under further consideration, we've decided to cancel a reservation for Il Mulino NY Trattoria over at the Swan and Dolphin to make time to meet friends at Downtown Disney.

With that said, if anyone would like a $25 off of $50 at Il Mulino for FREE (it cost us $2 on Black Friday from, I'd be happy to mail it to someone that will use it!

As opposed to past trips that I was excited to run through the parks, this trip is leaving me craving different experiences - not better, just different.  I want to take the time to explore some new areas - hopefully Celebration, the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and the Polynesian Resort. 

But, thanks to AJ over at the Disney Food Blog, we're trying several new restaurants on this trip.  Places I would have never thought about going before I immersed myself into the Disney media world we now have reservations for - heck, before my last trip, I never even considered making dining reservations!

Our first reservation is at Kouzzina by Cat Cora at the Boardwalk after the race.

Second, on our first park day, we're heading to Le Cellier for dinner (cheddar cheese soup and pretzel bread!).  I have mixed emotions about this reservation - lately, I've heard a lot of people upset that Le Cellier is becoming a 2 credit restaurant on the disney meal plan.  I'm hoping this brings it back to par where it apparently was before the (free) Disney Dining Plan.  I just hope that cheddar cheese soup is as good as it sounds!

And, I just added a last minute reservation for the morning before we leave - The Polynesian Resort's own Kona Cafe!  With our flight not leaving until the afternoon, I thought we should have 1 last hurrah, and craving that Tonga Toast I've heard so much about!

I may be more excited about our dining plans than riding Space Mountain.  Maybe :)

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  1. Sounds like you have your ADRs all wrapped up. Kona will not disappoint, and I hope Le Cellier does improve with the 2-Credit upgrade. Remember not to over-plan it too. Make sure you leave some time to just let the magic happen! Can't wait to see your pics and read all about your adventures.

  2. Are you doing Le Cellier Saturday night? That's when we'll be there! And hope you enjoy Kouzzina! I really like it

  3. Last I heard Le Cellier will still be one credit for lunch, 2 credits for dinner but that could be only a rumour. I am not a coffee drinker but did have one at Kona, it was wonderful. Also I don't think it would be available with breakfast but they have an amazing creme brulee at lunch.

    Have a great trip!


  4. Mel -
    No major plans for M-W.. Monday at IoA, but that's it.. Tuesday is up in the air (even park-wise, but most likely DhS +?), Wed we only have dinner plans.. Nothing too crazy!

    Jenn - I LOVED Kouzzina last summer.. hope it doesn't disappoint!

    Gaylin -
    You're absolutely right. It will be 2 credit for dinner, but that's what counts, right? I've never done dining plan, but I can't imagine wasting 2 on lunch.. I'll make sure to try that coffee! I've heard good things, but normally prefer lattes... I'll try it, though!

  5. We did Le Cellier for the first time on our last visit. I have Kouzzina on my list for next time!!