Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Travel Tips Tuesday - Parade Viewing!

This tip is taken from a coworker of mine.

As I've never actually sat and watched a full parade at the Disney Parks, I'm sharing some advice from a coworker and seasoned Disney veteran.

If you're planning to go to the parades, get there EARLY!  I've always seen people set up shop and thought "Awesome - time to get on Space Mountain," but this time will be different.  This trip, we're going to try to WATCH a parade!

Here's the game plan: Have at least one person set up shop.  Get comfortable and up close.  If you're not close up with little ones, they'll have a hard time seeing and could easily lose interest.

One person can set up shop - take a bag and sit down and get comfortable.

Then, the other parent can keep the little ones entertained - grab food, ride a quick ride, wonder a store.  If you have kids like mine, sitting and doing nothing is NOT an option.

We're excited to show Noah his first parade on our trip (in under 2 weeks!).  Hopefully these tips will help us and can help you, too!

Do you have any tips for getting a good parade viewing spot?

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  1. my favorite spot is right in front of pecos bills. there is a large stone tree planter, that is perfect to sit. grab some food from pecos and munch while waiting on the parade. AND you're not sitting on the sidewalk!

  2. That sounds like a great place! We'll have to try it!

  3. Make sure you know which direction the parade is going and try to sit so you can really see all the floats arrive.

    I bring a blow up cushion to sit on as the curb is mighty uncomfortable after awhile.

    When I was at WDW in October the favourite waiting for a parade toy for kids was the bubble blowing 'guns', it kept them entertained easily.

    Then there is always a Mickey Premium ice cream, a lovely way to wait!

    : )

  4. Those are GREAT ideas, Gaylin!! Noah's a bit young for the Mickey bar, but the bubbles could be perfect!

  5. Adventureland is great because there are usually more seating available last minute, but if you are watching the evening parade followed by fireworks, stake a spot on Main Street. Wishes is best viewed from the front of the castle.

    Since we usually have a stroller we typically have someone sit on the curb with the stroller pulled up right next to them. Then the smaller child can sit in the stroller, the older child can take the adult's place and my husband and I can stand behind them to be sure no one shoves. Sadly, there are adults who would think nothing of plowing over a child to get a picture or a better view. Also you want the kids up front so that they can be invited out to be part of the parade if there is an opportunity.

  6. Love watching the parades! Especially at night!