Monday, January 24, 2011

All About the People

It's not just the attractions that make Disney a great place.  Nor the friendly Cast Members.  I could list off so many different aspects of Disney that make me love it, but there is one oft forgotten: the other Disney people.

Our first day on our trip, we headed from the airport to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up all of our race packets and take a look around before the chaos truly began.  Heading straight from the airport, I had stuff in a few different carryons that I tried to switch around to only need one bag when we headed in - stroller-less and a baby in our arms. 

After we picked up Noah's diaper dash packet, I realized he had dirtied another diaper and went to the women's restroom to change him.  I got him settled, reached into the bag to grab the diaper and then the wipes... which weren't there.  I had pulled them out of the bag in the car to clean him off after he ate his lunch.
Mommy fail.

Until a super friendly woman offered help.  She saw me looking slighlty frantic (who, me?) and asked the problem.  She then proceeded to grab some toilet paper for me, followed by several wet paper towels.  Obviously not the best way, but it did the job.  She told me that she had a granddaughter that she didn't get to see so frequently, so very willingly helped out another baby around the same age.  I was so thankful that very nice and helpful Disney Grandma. 
Noah running around the Kids packet pick-up area

I do believe she made my day.  

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  1. Maybe we could work on a team for an upcoming WDW run. Let me know what you think and maybe we can get some WDW friends sites together to make a group. - Steve