Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Being Goofy

We're BUG-eyed!

Hanging with our ears!

These ears were given to us, free, during the Year of a Million Dreams!

We got to hold Tink!

Noah gets buggy!

Piper looks confused at our Opera glasses for PhilHarmagic!

Disney World gives us all the RIGHT to be Goofy!  I'm not just talking Gawrsh, Goofy!  I mean, I can act like a kid while I'm there, and no one judges me for it.  I am a VERY excitable person, and Disney brings out the kid in me.  I feel so giddy from the second I step onto Main Street or the Monorail.  There are so many chances to look silly, as you can see from our pictures! 

Just one more reason why I love this place!

See ya real soon!

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