Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Curbing My Addiction

After several years on the Palm bandwagon, I jumped ship and joined the Droid crowd.

I loved my Palm Centro for years and optimistically upgraded to the Palm Pixi Plus when my contract was up.  Talk about disappointing!  That Pixi was the WORST phone ever.  I dropped calls left and right and even when I didn't, the call quality was SO terrible that I finally gave up and stole my husbands upgrade.

And, now I've been sucked into Droid obsession.

My husband has threatened to take it away (no!!).

But, he's right.  I've become addicted to staying connected.  Between this blog, tweeting about this blog (and everything else!), facebook, and email, my phone is out a little too frequently.

While I can't promise not to check my phone at all (hey, I've got the Touring Plans app, Lines!), but I think I'll forgo collecting Gowalla pins and skip tweeting (mostly).  As much as I enjoy being "social", I'd much rather watch my son enjoy a ride than telling everyone when I'm riding.  I want to share all the secrets the Imagineers left for us to discover with my husband while we're there and share them with you when I'm back home.

You'll have a few posts here and there from Melissa and Mel, and maybe even a picture here or there from us, but don't expect any major recaps until we're back.

And, for everyone there running, have a wonderful race!  If you happen to be at the Expo on Friday to see the kid-o race,come say hi!  If you tweet at me, I probably won't get it :)

Happy running!


  1. Your refusal to allow Gowalla into your life is truly disappointing. ;)

  2. Have a good time. If I find you checking Twitter or posting too often I will send Mickey to confiscate your phone.