Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disney on my mind

Lately, I have had Disney on my mind.  I find myself daydreaming about our upcoming trip with Piper's grandparents (my in-laws).  I think about what I should pack, what snacks to bring, and even what she will eat at different restauraunts.  I still have 65 days to plan, so why is it on my mind more than usual? 

I get excited easily, and I LOVE to plan.  I feel like I can't be too prepared for Disney.  Now we have another obstacle on our hands that I didn't plan for:  Potty training!  Piper, now 19 months, is totally interested in potty training.  She very well could be trained by the time our trip arrives.  This poses a new set of questions:  How will she do in the plane restroom?  What happens if we are waiting in line for an attraction and she has to go?  What if she has an accident in the park? 

I now have a new set of things to get prepared for.  Oh, well, it's the joy of parenthood.  At least I won't have to carry diapers on our trip!

See ya real soon!


  1. This will sound odd, but beware ~ the toilets at Disney are very loud! When my daughter was two, the toilets set her way back on potty training. Be prepared!

  2. I would suggest you bring some diapers anyways, Disney fatigue might also cause potty training setbacks. Some of those pull-up diapers would be a good idea.

    : )

  3. I agree with Gaylin - bring the diapers and don't stress the potty training until after the trip. Anything remotely stressful really sets potty training back, so I'd wait until after the trip. (just my experience anyways)

    But oh this sounds like fun! I told my daughter we'd go to Disney when she turns 5 (so we can save up the money) She won't let me forget it either LOL

  4. It's been 12 years since I've been to WDW, but at Disneyland (and I'm sure WDW is the same) they have a baby station with little toilets for potty trainers. :) We are entering the potty training stage too, but I've still had my son in diapers when we go to Disneyland.
    Good luck!!