Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disney's Epic Fail

If you’re looking without Disney goggles on, you can easily find things that Disney can improve on.  Heck, sometimes even with Disney goggles, you can still find one or two little things to gripe about.  But, recently, I found the first thing (aside from Duffy, in my opinion) that Disney did seriously wrong: event parking.

After the half marathon on January 8th, my husband and I returned to our car in hopes to get home and relax.  
What we found, however, was the worst parking lot debacle ever.    Parking lots coming together with thousands of cars trying to leave the same one exit.  Rows and rows of cars with no one directing traffic led to mass chaos and little movement. 
I looked at these same cars for an hour
With the race attracting runners and not just Disney People, as I have to come to call us, people were rude and not letting others out.  It took us over an hour to actual leave our parking spot.  Once we finally left our parking space, we waited another 30 minutes (or more) to get onto the street to leave.  During this, we watched people refuse to let others out of their spaces, and even worse, one rude driver simply ignore all rules of common decency cut in front of 7 other cars.  Obviously, we all wanted to be out of there, but that simply made the problem worse and every one else watching even angrier. 
More of a zoo than the Animal Kingdom
I couldn’t believe that Disney didn’t have any of their parking guides directing traffic.  There are several races each year and with their experience and expertise with crowds, it’s impossible to accept that they aren’t doing anything to improve this situation.

Maybe this is their way to convince people to stay on property for race weekend. 

Either way, Disney received a big, fat “F” for parking during the race.  Better luck next year, WDW.

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  1. Oh no! I'm shocked that Disney didn't have this sorted out. All of the well-populated 5Ks and half marathons I've done have suffered from the same problem, but I always chalked it up to poor event planning by a charity or city organization that can't spare the resources. But Disney?!?!? Of all places, they should know how to handle a crowd! Sorry this was a lousy end to your first half marathon, but I'm glad the rest of it was fantastic :)