Friday, January 28, 2011

Foodie Friday - Le Cellier

I had a LOT of fun on my most recent trip to Walt Disney World eating some amazing food.  And, with all of my readers in mind, I took lots of pictures of this yummy food to share with all of you!

Our first AMAZING meal was at our walk up seating (yup) at Le Cellier Steakhouse.  Located at the Canadian Pavilion in the World Showcase, Le Cellier is known as one of the top steakhouses on Disney property and often wins "Best Steakhouse" in the Disney Food Blog Choice Awards.

Adam, my college friend Ruth, Noah, and I were at EPCOT and decided to head to the Boardwalk to try to walk into Kouzzina by Cat Cora, having missed our reservations after the race.  We had also missed our Le Cellier reservations, but I hadn't even considered trying knowing the normal reservation status (fills up pretty close to 180 days in advance).  But, on our way to the Friendship Boats, I thought "Why not" and they seated us 15 minutes later!  That sure goes to show that it's always worth a shot, right?

Okay, so onto the restaurant.

Known as The Cellar, it's dark with an underground feeling, but it's beautiful and feels cozy, though being a Disney restaurant, it's obviously not small.  It felt like going to a fancy restaurant, but seriously under dressed with no one thinking twice about it.
Wine rack behind our table
The first course their is bread.  4 different types of bread, all representing a different region in Canada.  The only one to write home about, though, was the pretzel bread.  And, WOW was that bread amazing.

But, there was only 1 to split between 3 adults.  We could have definitely used more to dip in our Cheddar Cheese Soup, which both Adam and I got.  It was even better than it sounds.

Nothing can do that soup justice.  
Ruth branched out and ordered the waitresses recommended Tomato Stack with blue cheese, cucumbers, and a yummy vinagrette.  She and Noah enjoyed it!

Past appetizers, we didn't even notice that we were out of bread.  Especially, since I have read AJ's Disney Food blog (if you don't, you really should) for so long, I wanted to try everything.  So, we did.  I blamed it on Noah - we had to order sides that he would like, such as Poutine (cheese fries):
And Spinach Gratin

Creamed Spinach with Cheese?  Yes, please.
And then our entrees - Ruth and I both went with the Mushroom Filet Mignon with a side of mushroom risotto.  And, I agree with the people - this was a delicious steak, and I'm by no means a steak eater.

It doesn't look all that appetizing, does it?
Adam had the Coffee-rubbed Kansas City Strip Steak.  Not my thing, but he really enjoyed it!

Noah enjoyed bites of all of ours, because as you could probably guess, we had enough food for probably 8 people.
And he loved using a real straw, too!
And, of course I needed something to wash it all down with.  I chose the Torontopolitan. 
Now, I'd continuously heard people having disappointing experiences at  Le Cellier, but I am VERY happy to tell you, that this was absolutely one of the best meals I have ever had.  Everyone at my table agreed - and by the sounds coming from the table next to us, I think they agreed, too.  Maybe now that it's going up to a Signature Dining Experience, they're bringing back the charm and better food.  I think we'll skip the extra sides, but I would absolutely eat that filet again!  Either way, it's on the top of our favorite restaurants list.

Man, writing this makes me want steak...

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  1. We haven't eaten at Le Cellier in so long, but keep saying we are going to try it. Maybe we will have to put it on our to do list for the next trip!

  2. I love eating at Le Cellier, I have been many times and haven't had a bad experience. I love the maple creme brulee for dessert. Since I live in Canada it is always nice to talk to someone from 'back home'. One time it turned out that a cast member was the daughter of friends of my parents.

    It's a small world . . .

  3. I have reservations for le cellier on my birthday on my next trip.... CANNOT wait!!!

  4. Wow, great Review!

    I'm not usually a steak eater either, but if I end up at a real nice steak house I end up getting a steak!

    Also, that's the American-ized Poutine. The REAL Poutine that they have up in Canada would literally kill any non-native. (Look up the recipe and you'll see!) ;)

  5. Last time we were there, our ADR was right at opening, and we got to witness the staff sing the Canadian National Anthem for us!

    The food was fantastic - I also had the Mushroon Filet - to die for. And I talked about that pretzel bread for a LONG time after...delish!

    What do others think about the move up to a Signature Dining experience? Worth the 2 credits for the DDP?