Monday, January 31, 2011

One Last Walk..

Just 3 weeks ago, I took the family for one last trip around Mickey's Toon Town Fair, to explore and take a lot of pictures.

As most of you probably know, Mickey's Toon Town Fair is closing to make way for the ongoing Fantasyland Expansion.  With this will go the Mickey and Minnie's country houses, Pete's Garage, and the little stores located in there.  For me, it's sort of sad that this is leaving right as I have a child to appreciate the area (because I usually walked right by).

We had a lot of fun - we walked right into a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse himself!  The cast member said "Let me tell Mickey that you're here" as we walked up at 10 a.m.

We then toured the houses througoughly and I got to spread the word to all the children (and parents) that passed through that Mickey was waiting at his house to meet them.  I saw families jump and practically scamper from Minnie's house to meet Mickey! 

The best part of Mickey's house is truly looking at all the details.  I zoomed in with my camera and took a picture of the book laying open on Mickey's bed.  It's pretty funny if you read it - it's talking about the cars coming up close behind their house - the Tomorrowland Speedway is right there.  I thought that was pretty darn clever.  Those Imagineers really do their job well, don't you think?  I also took pictures of their mail, mirrors, keys, plants - I tried to take pictures of everything, knowing that we would never see it like this again!  Make sure to check them out on our facebook page - I couldn't post them all here!

One thing I'll surely miss, if they do away with it, is the playground - Toon Park.  Having a 1 year old boy with a lot of energy, we loved stopping at these and letting him run around.  He had more fun in there pretty much anywhere else.  He ran around for a good bit, until we decided it was time to check out something else.

What will you miss in Mickey's Toon Town Fair?


  1. We usually went to Mickey's Toon Town just to meet characters or grab the train. But now that we have Belle I am sad that she will never experience this. We are not going until October and Toon Town will be long gone by then. I just wish she could see Mickey and Minnie's house. She loves Mickey Mouse.

  2. I think I will miss toon town in the same way I miss snow white's scary adventures -- I don't particularly enjoy the attraction but I'll miss it for the nostalga purposes.

    looking forward to what the expansion has to offer!

  3. I too feel very bitter-sweet about the whole thing. Change is very hard...I trust that Disney will do a great job!