Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursdays with Mel... Bad Hair Days Will Happen

Being snowed-in with my kids all week has left me time to flip through old photographs, including pics of our Disney vacations. I have come to one conclusion: my packing for some trips was far better than for others.
I try to let loose on vacation, but I also have to admit that I now wish we had taken a little more time getting dressed in the mornings during our last Disney vacation. On most vacations we get to sleep in. Doing hair and make-up is optional. Clothes do not always need to match exactly... but Disney vacations are different. 
I am not saying I wanted my kids runway-ready, but the memories made on a Disney vacation do last forever, and pictorial evidence of bad hair lasts even longer. My new solution is to pack mindfully: mix & match outfits, where any given shirt will match any given pair of pants. Keep hair simple. Bring lots of ponytail holders for quick, clean hair styling for the girls. Force the boys to comb through hair while it is wet, so it won’t “dry that way.” And when you look back at the priceless picture of your kids with Mickey Mouse you won’t be lamenting wild hair and mis-matched outfits.
All that said, my middle son is “know” for his “outta-control” cowlick, and my daughter was literally born with crazy hair sticking straight up, so why should Disney trips be any different? My advice: Enjoy the moment, just bring a comb and a hairband. Or better yet, a trip to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique may be in order!

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