Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursdays With Mel... Find a Happy Place

Ever had a bad day? Ever had to endure an event or dental procedure from which you wish you could escape? We all have. So how do you escape reality when no form of distraction or ,um, intoxication is available to you? 
I like to Find My Happy Place...
It is a simple enough concept, and one that I found out I was practicing long before I even realized it. Create a vision in your mind of a place - it can be real or imagined - where you would love to be, and take an imaginary journey. Peach from Finding Nemo said it perfectly as the nefarious Dora began thumping on the side of the aquarium, threatening to dislodge Peach from her perch... “Find a happy place. Find a happy place.”
It will come to no shock to anyone who has known me for five minutes that my Happy Place is Main Street USA, in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. In fact, it always has been. Walking into the Magic Kingdom. A picturesque view of Cinderella Castle. Dapper Dans singing in the streets. The lopping sound of hooves as a horse-drawn trolly pulls by. The Emporium on one side. The candy shoppe on the other. Me walking down the middle, between the railings paved into the street... oops, didn’t mean to go there just now.
During the birth of my second son, I never asked for an epidural; I just went to my Happy Place. Most moms from my childbirth education class chose to focus on photos of older children or loved ones. Me, I just went on a stroll down Main Street USA. I don’t think that qualifies me as World’s Worst Mom. 
My thinking is this, during painful events in life, I do not want to focus on loved ones. I do not want to associate fear and hurt with my kids - they already scare me enough in other ways. During a recent dental procedure, I certainly did not want to be thinking of my wonderful children and their cavity-free smiles. I wanted escape. I wanted fantasy. I wanted to be at Disney World.

So, during life’s trials, when you have to rely on inner-strength to see you through, find your own Happy Place. Feel free to borrow mine, but just know that I my teeth constantly need work, and I will need it back.

FinallyBest of luck to Jenn as she goes to the most Magical Place on Earth for Marathon Weekend. We look forward to a few - though not too many - updates over the weekend. 

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  1. My family has been calling WDW my happy place for years. My mom once said why don't you go somewhere else on vacation. I was happy to remind her that her and my dad had gone to the same hotel in Hawaii for vacation for oh 15 or 16 years in a row. She never said anything about it again.

    I have a 'discreet' amount of Disney stuff in my home and around me at all times. Think happy - it's easy.

    : )