Monday, February 7, 2011

Disney Junior

Starting on February 14th, Playhouse Disney is officially changing over to Disney Junior.  If you have a little one, like I do, you've probably seen the commercials a thousand times by now and must be wondering - why are they making such a big deal about this?

I've figured out a couple of reasons -

  1. It's Disney and they do everything big
  2. Starting in 2012, Disney Junior will be it's own station
Say goodbye to Soap Net.  I basically said goodbye to my 90210 mornings when Noah was born, so having full-time back up sounds great to me!

Thanks to Fios On Demand, we recently watched a 30+ minute preview for the channel - including a full episode of Jack and the Neverland Pirates, one of the new shows, as well as previews for several other new shows.  They're also adding many more shorts, including Mousekercize - hoping to get kids up and moving for a few minutes while watching shows.

Along with the new shows and eventual channel, Playhouse Junior on Stage will become "Disney Junior - Live on Stage," adding Jake and the Neverland Pirates to the line up.

No more need to set our DVR for Chugginton - we'll have them all on demand now!

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  1. My kids have seen so many adds for this that they keep asking when it starts! :-) I am looking forward to the Mousekercize segments.

  2. Trying not to be negative on this one, but the "regular" Disney Channels already air sooooo many re-runs. If they cut back on the re-runs, then there would be plenty of time for fresh programming.

    However, I am excited to see the new shows & segments... and I don't have any little-bitty kids anymore.

  3. They should stop doing baby shows. It is so stupid

  4. We are loving Jake and the Never Land Pirates over here. I'm all for the change.