Friday, February 4, 2011

Foodie Friday - Kouzzina by Cat Cora!

Our second most exciting ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) for our trip was dinner at Kouzinna by Cat Cora the night of the race.  Located at Disney's Boardwalk, I love going not only just for the food, but for an excuse to wander and explore such a beautiful location!

We ate there on my birthday last June, but wanted to go again after having such a fabulous dinner.  But, back then, I wasn't thinking about blogging every detail, so I don't have any pictures from that meal... but I am borrowing 2 of Melissa's from dessert!
Doesn't this make you want dessert, like right now?  This was their form a chocolate lava cake and it was delicious, but looked better than it tasted (from what I remember).  

These Greek donuts I shared with Adam and they had 2 different dipping sauces.  Man, after looking at these pictures, why didn't we order dessert this time??  Should have looked at this before we went...

Anyways, this time was slightly different.  We had our ADR for the night of the race and left Noah with my parents to go have a relaxing dinner with friends.  Unfortunately, Adam got REALLY sick that night and we had to leave before dinner.  I stopped by the Boardwalk Bakery for a yummy sandwich, but left slightly sad that we wouldn't dine at Kouzzina for this trip.

Luckily, with such a lull in crowds, we were able to walk in for an early dinner and get seating without any issue.  

I took some pictures of the "new" signs out front - added after the recent overhaul, but I won't post them all here.  They're all up on our facebook page along with extra food pics so I don't go overboard here, so go check them out to get the full experience! 

We started our meal with the new "olive oil tasting" that is complimentary to the meal.  The bread was fabulous - covered in black sesame seeds and simply delicious, but the olive oils weren't too special.  I do love olive oil,  but I prefer it with herbs and goodies added.  Along with the olive oils, we had the Kouzzina Sampler - had little bits of everything and was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture until most of it was gone.  

Those Chicken Skewers were amazing
Surprisingly, was realizing that Noah loved eating olives.  Strange for a 1 year old, don't you think?  We ordered him a kids meal which he didn't really touch, but Adam and I enjoyed the extra chicken skewers.  Oh, and the sweet potato fries are delicious, too.  That's a lot of food for the same price as a kids pizza and way more nutritious (and delicious!) 

For a 1 year old, these meals are a bit overkill, but we were being silly and splurging a lot on this trip!

Onto our entrees...  I had such a great fondness for my meal from June, that I ordered the Spiced Briami, a vegetarian stew again.  It was totally different than I remember, but still delicious.  I don't think I was in the mood for such a heavy dish, but it's a great vegetarian option.  Doesn't that look delicious?  I'm not even normally a huge fan of eggplant, but for some reason, it's delicious in this dish.  The official description is: Oven-roasted Vegetables with Oregano and Kasseri Cheese served with Herbed Orzo (Spiced Briami)

Adam's not a big vegetable person.  I don't even think he tasted mine, but he sure enjoyed his Oak-fired Pork Tenderloin with Feta Gremolata.  The side of Wilted Greens wasn't his thing, but Zucchini Corn Pie he loved.

If you're afraid of Greek food, don't be.  It's DELICIOUS.  I highly recommend Kouzzina by Cat Cora - my husband and I both love it.  

Oh, and they also leave a surprise for everyone as they leave the dining room:
Located behind the check in area
Have you been to Kouzzina by Cat Cora?  I've heard they serve an amazing breakfast, too!!  
Thanks for stopping by!


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