Friday, February 25, 2011

Foodie Friday - Raglan Road

The night after the race - our relaxation day - we decided to head over to Downtown Disney for dinner.  Previously, we had only been there once, eating at Portobello last summer, so we didn't have any specifics in mind.  We had an ADR for Paradiso 37 for our final night, so other than avoiding that, we were playing dinner by ear.

After walking around for a little while, we ended up at Raglan Road, an Irish Pub and Restaurant.  The menu looked incredible, with tons of delicious sounding options.

We started with Garlic Parmesan Truffle Oil Skinny Chips, which I unfortunately lost my picture of.. poop!  They were basically really tasty french fries - and a great way to start the meal!

My friend, Ruth, ordered their version of Shepherds Pie (Keen Eye for the Shepherds Pie).  Their contemporary twist on the standard dish neatly stacked the meat at the bottom with the potatoes taking over the top.  It was delicious, and definitely a nice treat only a day after running the parks!

Adam ordered with Slow Ribs- braised double shortribs with horseradish mash, roasted carrots and parsnips.  This dish didn't fall short, either.  He shared most of his vegetables with Noah, and even offered a few bites to let the rest of us try!
I, unfortunately, chose the wrong dish for the night.  I ordered the Raglan Risotto, described as Risotto with shiitake mushrooms, garden peas, shaved parmesan, rocket lettuce, and grilled chicken (or shrimp, if you so desire).  I'd never had Risotto, but had always been curious, so I jumped at the description.

While the chicken was good, the risotto wasn't cooked well.  It was obviously undercooked, even to the untrained risotto eater.  Rice shouldn't be crunchy, but this risotto was.  And, I wasn't feeling outgoing enough that night to complain, so I ate my chicken and saved room for dessert or a snack later on in the night.

All that said, Raglan Road wasn't a complete bust, I just think I ordered  the wrong dish.  It won't be at the top of my Downtown Disney to-do list, but I would be willing to try it again, as long as I ordered a different entree!

Oh, and for dessert?

A chocolate covered caramel apple Mickey Mouse with chocolate covered Marshmallows for ears from the Candy Cauldron.   Totally worth the trip to Downtown Disney, right there!


  1. Bummer about the risotto! Everything else looks delicious, apple included. :)

  2. Love the apple! I am going to have to try to make one of those!

  3. I love raglan road! I think I had lamb the last time I went.... they have my fav beer and I love the entertainment!

  4. I have never been here but have always been curious about it. Thanks for the great review!

  5. We like Cookes of Dublin. It's the quick service restaurant adjacent to Ragland Road. Great Irish food served up fast... and one entree will easily feed two people, if not three!