Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Foodie Tuesday?

This Friday will be our next edition of the Magical Blogorail - Blue, I wanted to post my Foodie Friday early - wanted to make everyone drool over our delicious breakfast at Kona Cafe!

After months of reading about Tonga Toast, I decided last minute to make an Advanced Dining Reservation for the Polynesian Resort's Kona Cafe.  Known for their breakfast and coffee, I figured with an afternoon flight home, this would be one last chance to feel Magical without having a time to go in the parks.  

Tonga Toast
Adam and I ordered the 2 standards I had read so much about - Tonga Toast - Banana stuffed french toast coated in cinnamon sugar.  Um.  Yeah.  And, they offer a side of fruity syrup.  It was amazing and yet, hurt to eat at the same time with the ridiculous amounts of sugar.  Glad I made my husband order it instead of me!

I went for the Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes - served macadamia nut butter and pineapple sauce.  Now, that is my kind of breakfast splurge!  Both served with a side of pig (ham/bacon/sausage) and devoured by us and Noah.

About halfway through, I remembered that I had specifically told to make sure to get the Kona Coffee.  So, without thinking, I ordered a cup of coffee.

BLECH.  I didn't order specifically the French Press pot, which is really the special coffee, and instead, had standard diner quality coffee.  I'm not a huge coffee person, so I just went back to drinking water instead.

We really enjoyed our breakfast at Kona - the decor cute - like being in an outdoor Polynesian restaurant (or, what I would assume one would look like!), but I loved the carpet - Hidden Mickey's everywhere!

We had a great experience at Kona - we finished our meal and hopped on the monorail for one last loop before heading home.  If want the Disney feel without going into the parks, Kona is a great place to go.  

Have you eaten at Kona Cafe before?  What's your favorite WDW Breakfast?


  1. We have yet to try out Kona Cafe, but that Tonga Toast looks delicious!

    Our favorite breakfast is the Cape May Cafe character breakfast - we love the characters in their beach clothes!

  2. love kona!!! can't wait to go again in may!