Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting ready!

We now have 8 days until we leave for the most magical place on earth!  I am getting so excited!  I'm watching the Orlando weather, and it looks like I'm packing shorts for us all.  We are doing some things this trip that we have never done before.  We are eating at Hollywood and Vine for the character lunch.  David & I ate there before but we've never seen the characters.  The characters we will see are the Little Einsteins and Special Agent Oso.  Piper is gonna flip!

But the meal I am most looking forward to is Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary for breakfast.  We've never done this before.  Piper is going to love seeing Mickey and Minnie up close!   I am planning to take lots of pics so I can blog about it when we return.

I've been packing for about a week, even though my husband keeps telling me to wait.  I'm like a kid, all giddy and silly about another trip! 

Piper, David, and I have been practicing singing all of the songs for the attractions. 
What are some of your favorite attraction songs?

See Ya Real Soon,


  1. Singing Big Blue World in a clam shell while Finding Nemo at the Living Seas! I sure hope you are going to Turtle Talk with Crush . . .

  2. We start off every single vacation with breakfast at Chef Mickey's. It has become tradition now. We love it!