Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hidden Treasures - Push!

Another treasure I hoped to find, but didn't quite know how to search for, I luckily stumbled upon:


Stationed in Tomorrowland, Push a true, working Tomorrowland garbage can.  But, Push is no ordinary trash can.  He's motorized!!  From what I've read, he's controlled by 2 cast members - 1 talking for him (yes, Push talks!) and 1 to control where he's going.

Walking from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, we happened to see Push strolling around.  I must have looked like a child - so excited and scouring everywhere for the cast members in control.

I threw a napkin away to see if it would respond, but he showed no interest in me.

I loved checking out reactions of the other people - with all of my trips, I had never seen it before, and had only heard of it because of all my trivia books.

Push turned in circles, wondered around, then headed into the Merchant of Venus'

Have you ever seen Push wondering around?  Hope you get to find him on your next trip!


  1. one of my goals of the next trip... to stalk push!

  2. I have actually seen a video of Push on Youtube, and you can tell that the person controlling him can see what is happening where the person who is the voice is somewhere else listening in. It's actually pretty neat!

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