Friday, February 18, 2011

Next Gen Disney Ideas

Just as I thought I was good to go with Foodie Friday, Disney had to go and make some huge announcements!

Yesterday, in an Investors Meeting, Tom Staggs, Chairman of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts gave a speech about the future of Disney Parks and entertainment.

He stated that about 1 billion dollars is in the works to continue the advancement of the parks.  The queue experience, that is already taking place at the Winnie the Pooh ride (and is awesome!), will be added to several other queues - it is the new experience to keep guests happy.

Another possible update?  Having your room keys sent to you at home - like Magical Express tickets.  You leave for your vacation with keys on hand, bypassing the check in process.  This takes online check in to the next level entirely - no need to go into the lobby, you can go directly to your room at check in time.  Would they keep concierge and check in services available?  I hope so!

One update that I'm curious as to how they would implement is a possibility of scheduling your fastpasses at home on your computer.  How would that really work?  I don't personally want to plan my trip out to the minute.  And, though I sometimes like to try, my overplanning doesn't always work.  Especially when traveling with little ones, flexibility is a must.  However, I have thought of a different way this might work - ready for it?  AN APP!  Okay, probably 80% or more of visitors have a smart phone.  Have an Android/Iphone App ready to go where we can get FP that day, instead of running back and forth thru the park.  No real planning ahead - we can take care of FP while we're strolling.  And, maybe while I'm planning a FP, I'll check in with Gowalla as well.. or maybe Gowalla can help with the FP... ooh, now I'm thinking...

They're also talking about giving visitors a bracelet with some technology that could alert a ride that it's your birthday or you're celebrating an anniversary.  How would this work?  Well, I play clarinet for a living, so I can't tell you details.  But, this could definitely have potential... I know I love having Cast Members wish me happy birthday, so as long as that doesn't go away, I could see this being fun, especially for little kids!

For more information, check out the article in the Orlando Sentinel, or read the press release!

What do you think about these possibilities?  So much creativity goes into these parks it's just crazy!


  1. I am looking forward to see how the ride reservations work. But like you, with three little ones, I can't plan out every moment of my day (not that I don't want to!). With kids, you never know what is going to happen.

  2. I may like the bracelet idea but I really am not sold on the ride reservations. I think that it would make things too stressful for people. It would leave no room for being spontaneous. I also think it would keep family from conversing and spending time together. Just my two cents. :0)

  3. I like the idea of an app to reserve time for a ride and the bracelet! can't wait to see what they come up with!

  4. Having the "keys to the world" delivered to the home pre-trip is a super idea, as clients are always asking how "it" (park tickets) work. Although, it would rely on the pre trip package (hard luggage tags,magical express,vouchers,guide maps etc.) all being delivered on time. During some periods of the year these pre trip documents can run late. One time I received my clients items the day before their scheduled arrival and delivered them (80 mile drive each way!)to the resort personally that evening. Rare exception I know, but there is a 2-3 month period where the pre trip items delivery is sketchy.