Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursdays with Mel... Booster Seats

In two short months our family will officially be booster-seat free. That is of course unless we travel to Tennessee or Wyoming. In preparation for our Disneyland trip, I needed to know if our soon-to-be-8-year-old princess still needed a booster seat in California. 
In North Carolina children must us booster seats until their 8th birthday. We frequently road trip to Florida to visit my family or to go to Walt Disney World, so I know that booster seat laws vary from state to state. Once we cross over to South Carolina and then Georgia, children 6 and older no longer need booster seats, and once you reach my home state of Florida, children need only be 4 years old to use a standard adult seat belt.
~ I’m just reporting the laws, folks, not agreeing with them. ~
Of course, in the Sunshine State, you are free to keep you 5, 6 &  7 year-olds in booster seats as well. This may be part of the motivation behind the Cinderella/Booster seat public service announcements which still air from time to time. (Posted below)
This brings me back to our California trip. I had a feeling that if any state was going to be more stringent than North Carolina regarding booster seat laws, it was going to be California. Nope, ages 6 and up are free to use regular, adult seat belts (and must be in the rear seat).
If an out-of-state vacation is in your future, visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website and check out their interactive map which provides a state-by-state breakdown of booster seat laws. 
Guess I can’t trash those booster seats yet. If we head to Gatlinburg, Tennessee this summer we may need them.

Here is the AdCouncil's public service announcement:

One quick announcement before I go: The Disney Lifestyle Blog just launched yesterday. It is my newest blogging endeavor. It is a blog devoted to the ways we bring Disney into our homes each day. It's been fun to create, and I am thrilled to finally be able to share it with you! Hope to see you there.


  1. I look forward to the day we can travel car seat and booster seat free! :-) I am just happy this upcoming trip to WDW will be our first diaper bag free vacation!

  2. If you head out to Gatlinburg, give me a holler:) I am only 4 hours from there. May come out to say hi!

  3. In the UK the booster seat law applies to aged approx 10 years, or certain height restrictions!!

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