Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations, Beth, creator of the Magical Blogorail and Pursuing the Magic has won the personalized tote bag, compliments of Pixie Vacations!

Make sure to stop by her pages to share your congratulations!  And, of course, if you're in need of any travel planning, let Pixie Vacations help you save money and plan your next trip!

And, thanks to everyone for entering!  I love having so many new followers both here on the blog and over on facebook.  Hope to share Disney Magic with you all soon!



  1. I am SO excited! Thanks, Jenn and Pixie Vacations!

  2. Well, if it couldn't be me I'm glad it's another Blogorail member!! :)
    Congrats Beth!

  3. Congrats, Beth... what a cool prize!

  4. Congrats. We mailed it out today. - Steve and Lisa