Monday, March 21, 2011

Hidden Treasures - the Piano Man!

As you hopefully read on our most recent Blogorail Hop, I have a Disney Bucket List.  Nothing set in stone, but since I've become so "Disney-fide," I like to have a few goals per trip.  

For January's Half Marathon trip, I found/accomplished almost everything on my list:
And, that last one, I lucked out in finding!

On Marathon Monday, Adam, Noah, Ruth, and I headed to Casey's for a quick and easy lunch.  Noah had his haircut appointment that afternoon, so somehow, we ended up at Casey's.  Somehow, I had never been there, but even at the Parks, I try to eat healthy, so a hot dog is generally on the veto list.  However, this trip, I made an exception!

And, while we were eating outside (no tables inside.. no high chairs anywhere, parents beware), I started to hear music playing... 

The Piano Man sat down to tickle the "ivories!"  I was so excited, I grabbed Noah, and we ran up to listen to him play (and take dozens of pictures).

He has his tunes memorized and plays adorable arrangements of Disney tunes in a ragtime style.  His piano had a mirror, so he could watch his audience while he played, which I thought was pretty cool!

While I could do without the hot dogs or even the corn dog nuggets, I could easily see heading back to Casey's in hopes of finding him (or one of the other players!) again.  

And, I have to admit, I've added this hidden treasure to my short list of Disney Dream jobs.. 

Have you ever run into this or any of the other piano players at Casey's?  What are your favorite hidden treasures? Let me know by leaving a comment here, on facebook, or find me @DisneyBabiesBlg on twitter!


  1. I saw him too during our December trip! What a treat!

  2. I saw a different piano man, just as good I am sure. Also if you stand near to the piano to enjoy it, there is a fan over head so on a hot day, good piano, ahhhhh a fan!

  3. I didn't know there was a casey's corner piano man!! thanks for the tip!!