Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Disney?

Monday I mentioned that I've had PDTS (Post Disney Syndrome).

Now, we're planning a trip to Florida without a visit to Mickey.  What?!  Prior to having a baby, if Adam and I went to visit my family is South Florida, we would absolutely spend a day or two in Orlando - borrow a car, make the 3+ hour drive, go Park Commando, then return home.

Now, though, with a 15 month old, those plans are done.  While we've done the drive before, we can justify spending over 6 hours in the car with a crazy park day in between those drives.  So, we'll be heading to Florida for several days, without the parks.  Sad, don't you think?

Noah, unlike so many other children, does not love the car.  We've taken him on long drives before, but the most he's ever slept was 45 minutes.  Now that he's turned around, he does better watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or other shows/movies, but I don't want him staring at the tube for 6 hours in 1 day.
He may not sleep, but he does love his toys!
And, maybe the most odd part, I think I'm more worried about the trip not visiting the parks.  How will we entertain a 15 month old without our standard toys?  Or, staying in a house filled with antiques and collectibles AND a pool outside.

So far, I'm looking into planning a trip to the Miami Seaquarium, hopefully a zoo, and the beach.  Hopefully we can keep our not-so-little one entertained!


  1. We're planning the same thing right now, and it feels so wrong!! We're going to one of the gulf coast beaches with my parents in June, but we don't want to keep the kids in the car for a long time just to rush at WDW. Still, knowing that we'll be so close, yet so far kind of hurts!

  2. Is it possible to schedule the drive time (to WDW) in such a way that the kids would be asleep for most of the drive? Waking up to find yourself at Disney could be a really neat surprise. Don't deny yourselves the place you love if theres a way...Just a thought.:)