Monday, March 14, 2011

One less thing!

Since our January trip, we have already dropped 1 previous "must travel with" item: sippy cups.
Making a mess with a regular cup at Le Cellier
At 6 months, I was still nursing, so that was farely easy, but we brought a sippy cup along for water.
At 13 months, Noah was starting to drink from a straw, but generally soaked himself when drinking from a regular straw, so we had to bring cups for milk and water with us.

Now, at 15 months, we officially don't need ANY of that!  We have our nice bottles with straws, but he now has no problem drinking from a regular cup with a straw (though holding the cup may be a different story).  By our next trip (January!), we definitely won't need anything!

It's the simple things in life, don't you think?


  1. Our next trip will be our first trip with all kids potty trained - no diapers, no sippy cups, no pacifiers, no strollers, etc. I am SO looking forward to it! :-)