Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking tips from Disney

I've noticed lately at my local Harris Tetter (grocery store) that the standard swarm of birds is no longer in attack mode..  instead, there is a loud soundtrack of bird calls.  Actually, they're definitely not bird calls.

My Disney mind goes directly to what I've read about how Walt Disney World tries to keep the birds out of the World Showcase - soundtracks of birds in distress.  Now, everytime I walk up to the store, the sounds of birds most definitely in distress.  Outside, the sounds are loud. However, the previous attack of the birds is no longer there!

I think they'd also had some problems with birds entering the doors to the entryway to the store, because they have a different level of bird noises inside, but still they're very obviously there.  My guess is that most people don't notice them, and those that do may be annoyed by the loud volume of bird noises.

But, everytime I walk into my store, I'm reminded of the World Showcase.  Now, if I could only stop off for a fiesta margarita or a bavarian pretzel, and I'll be set!


  1. Jenn - Maybe for a side job, you could set up your own little cart outside with World Showcase goodies! Those bird calls may put others in an Epcot mood too! :-)