Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursdays with Mel... Making the Disney Memories Last

All Disney enthusiasts are familiar with that post-Disney-blues that comes at the conclusion of a wonderful Disney vacation. It can be hard to return to the every-day routine after living in the magical, wonderful world of Disney.

My post-Disney humdrums begin with unpacking - or the laundry associated with unpacking. I run every day through my mind, cherishing special moments, all the while cursing those moments that did not turn out as planned.

One thing that gets me through the aftermath is planning and creating my memory books of the vacation. I used to scrapbook - almost religiously. Now, who has the time? Now I upload my photos to, and within a few hours I have a lovely photo book filled with memories. I like the photo center's program, though many drugstore/photo sites have similar ones. You choose layouts, backgrounds & fonts. You journal about the special moments and edit out the ones you'd rather forget. These books keep me goin' til the next time I get to visit the Happiest Place on Earth again!

Front cover of our 2008 book.

The Crystal Palace

Downtown Disney Pages

Year after year I treasure these books and the memories they contain. I hope you have a special way you like to preserve your cherished Disney memories. Do you scrapbook, make photo ornaments or create collages?  Share how you keep the magic alive once you return home!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I'll have to look into this for our past trips photos! Thanks!