Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursdays with Mel... We go for the kids: Part 2

This is a proud Mommy Moment: Kevin, my middle son's, first ever vlog. After talking with my daughter last week about her favorite Disney World memories, I thought I would sit down and talk with her big brother. He had a lot to say, so luckily I had my camera handy. Here is just a small snippet of what Kevin had to say about his Disney favorites... 

He's a kid after my own heart. He wants me to say that he likes the rides at Hollywood Studios best. Epcot is his favorite park for eating. And Magic Kingdom has his favorite fireworks. And as you could tell from the clip, Animal Kingdom is home to his favorite attraction, Expedition Everest.
Kevin also talked about what he is most looking forward to on our upcoming Disneyland trip.  Looks like I have lots more video to edit. This kid is anything but camera shy, even with a fat lip he got from baseball practice, you can tell, he has a lot to say! 


  1. I interview my kids too so that I can edit those interviews into the montages I make of each trip. I get them on camera, before, during and after the vacation to really get their perspective each year. It is a great way to remember the trips!

  2. That's great! He's adorable! I love his enthusiasm. Looking forward to his next vid:)