Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursdays with Mel... We go for the kids. Really we do.

Yep, I bought these!

While we are busily preparing for our upcoming Disneyland Resort vacation, I took a moment to talk with my daughter, now 8 years old, about her favorite memories from our last trip to the Walt Disney World Resort. She got out her purple pen and actually wrote a list for me.
As expected, Soarin' and Chef Mickey's topped her list, but so did a few other experiences that took me by surprise and warmed my heart a bit. She loves her first pair of Mickey Mouse Ears, especially because she spent her own money to buy them. 
She also remembers our time in the Haunted Mansion, not because she was scared, but because the ride broke down several times causing the lights to go up. We got to see parts of the attraction usually only seen by cast members.
She wanted me to mention that she loved, loved, loved the pool at our resort. Not a shocker. We were at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The pool had a breathtaking view of the Magic Kingdom, and when the kids swam at night, we could sit and watch Cinderella Castle as it changed colors.
Finally she gives top praise for the hotel’s arcade. “The games were fun.” And we usually had the whole arcade to ourselves. Priceless! We were able to spend a day with her best friend - who just happened to be in the area at the same time. It was wonderful for her to get that "girl time!" And I liked that she had a buddy to ride with in the Tea Cups. Mama does not do Tea Cups. 
So, it goes to show you that is isn’t all about the theme parks or the day working out as you had planned. Quiet times at the pools, family time at the arcade and even rides breaking down all create memories just as special as meeting the Mouse himself. All priceless.

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  1. What a great idea! Right now, my 2 year old still talks about meeting Woody and Jessie and riding "Dummo!" Those are great memories! Can't wait for him to get older and be able to make a list like this! :)