Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Not to Wear - At Disney

No, not the show.  I'm thinking more about What Not to Wear at Disney.  Those Disney Fashion Faux Pas that everyone notices, and everyone knows, except for maybe the person wearing the problem!

When I was podcasting with the awesome people at MouseChat.net, we were chatting prior to recording.  We were talking running in costumes and then I remembered the craziest thing I saw during the WDW 2011 Half Marathon: Slutty Snow White.

What?  Yes, really.  Prior to 5 a.m., a woman (definitely older than me... pushing 30) thought it was a good idea to run 13.1 miles in a tacky Halloween costume, showing off everything, including a lot of fake tanning.

My first tip for What Not to Wear at Disney? Leave the Slutty Disney Princess Halloween Costumes to the college aged girls that will be drinking a lot on Halloween night - not for a race.

And, if Slutty Snow White is reading this blog, know that we all noticed you, so maybe I'm being mean (meant to be more funny than mean), but... yeah, stick to cute running clothes!  Wow.  


  1. I love this! you'd think it would go without say... but some people need the reminder!!

  2. So are you pushing 30 or is that the "old" Snow White? Just kidding!
    I also saw women wearing slutty princess costumes at MNSSHP. It was wrong on a number of levels.
    ~Amy @ Growing Up Disney

  3. I'd imagine you see all KINDS of "What Not to Wear" examples in a theme park. But who wants to wear something with all your bits and pieces ready to fall out while running??

    And on a related note, WHY must they manufacture "slutty" versions of everything for a woman's costume. Maybe I'd just like a witch costume and NOT a skank witch.

  4. My eyes were scarred for life the first MNSSHP I went to, a woman about 70 or maybe older wearing the revealing Jasmine costume. I am glad she had the confidence to wear this in public, she did not have the figure for it, gravity and Jasmine DO NOT mix.

    My favourite what not to wear that makes me laugh is women in the parks with high heels on! Saw a woman one morning at MK opening with 4 inch sparkly blue stilettos on . . . saw her later in the day with newly purchased Disney crocs on!

    I do agree whole heartedly - slutty anything at Disney is not appropriate.

  5. This is hilarious because someone found my blog searching "slutty snow white marathon" so then I searched and found YOUR blog so now I'm that random search term! HA! And I hopefully wasn't that person because I don't think my Snow White running costume was that slutty. :-) Wish you had a picture!