Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogorail Interuppted

We had originally intended to bring you a special edition of the Magical Blogorail today - members from all of the different loops coming together to share experiences and memories from the special events held at Walt Disney World throughout the year.  However, due to circumstances caused by the insane weather down in Alabama, our friend over at A Disney Mom's Thoughts is (last I heard!) was out of power, so instead of skipping her portion, we wanted to hold off until she's able to join us, hopefully fully restored and safe!

So, instead, I bring you a guest post from fellow Chip & Co. writer, Michele.  A travel agent for my the nice people over at Pixie Vacations and author of new blog A Pixie Perspective, Michele wrote an article for me that she calls the 5 W's, about why a travel agent for Disney travel is a great idea and how to help you choose the write one.  I personally have had good and bad experiences, but all before I found Pixie.  I know my next full on Disney trip will have a completely different experience, now that I know what to look for!  Enjoy!

It seems that the women are generally the travel planners in the family, especially
when it comes to Disney travel. There are so many details to you park
hop or not, should you do the dining plan...if so, what are ADR’s and how do you make
them? We deal with details everyday, sometimes you want a vacation to be just that...a
vacation, not another job to do and more details to worry about! That’s where a travel
agent comes in!

Let’s go back to journalism 101 and hit the basics: Who, What, Where, When, and
Why(in no particular order) and cover the highlights (because we all know you really
don’t have time to be reading blogs, you have laundry to do!)

Why: Coming to the realization that you might need a travel agent is the hardest part
for most people. You have to realize that considering a travel agent is NOT admitting
defeat in your vacation planning. It’s a very wise choice to consider a professional who
can help you plan your vacation. It minimizes your stress and maximizes your savings.
A good agent will look after all the pesky details you don’t want to think about and
answer your questions in a timely manner.

Who: Choosing an agent is THE single most important thing you can do for your
vacation. Here’s what to look for:
comfort-you are putting your precious vacation in this person’s hands...if you can’t tell
them what you want, or think they don’t want to hear what you want, they are NOT
your agent!
knowledge -If you are planning a Disney vacation, work with a Disney Vacation
Specialist. They are trained through the Disney program and should be knowledgable
about everything that Disney has to offer, be able to answer your questions and make
service - if you have a lot of questions, or want to have a worry free vacation (you don’t
like to deal with the details, just bring on the magic!) find someone who will provide
you with the level of service you need. You want to find someone who will be as
involved, or uninvolved as you want them to be.

What: What should a travel agent do for you? Unfortunately there is no precise answer
for this question. The best rule of thumb is mentioned above: find someone who will
be as involved, or uninvolved as you want them to be. If you want someone to handle
your advanced dining reservations, ground transfers, reservation monitoring, etc find
an agent who is active with their clients and will meet your needs. Beware of large
agencies that offer you the world on a string, you might not find the lack of service worth
the booking incentive they lured you in with.

Where: Where do you start looking for an agent? There are so many agencies and so
many agents you may not find the perfect one at a first glance. Ask family and friends
if they recommend anyone, search blogs, fan sites and facebook pages until you find
someone that peaks your interest and you think would be a good fit.

When: It’s not too early to start considering an agent. If you have a trip on the horizon
or just want to get general information about what an agent, or agency has to offer, start
a dialogue. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get to know someone and see if they are
what you are looking for in an agent. I’m not recommending calling every agent and
requesting fake quotes, this is a waste of time for you and the agent. It’s ok to inquire
about general information and services don’t feel bad if you aren’t asking for a specific
price on something. If an agent won’t give you the time of day when you are inquiring
about their services, move on. If you aren’t their priority before the booking you won’t be
their priority after either.

If you have questions about anything in this topic please feel free to email me: i’m always willing to answer questions and i’m always
looking for new clients to spoil! Make your next trip Pixie Perfect!

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