Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cars 1.0

Noah's absolute favorite movie is Cars.  First thing in the morning, he points to the tv and says "Cars?"  which we avoid as long as possible.  Days like today - overtired, teething - we watch the opening scene (and more) of Cars at least twice.

My boys watching Cars

As you can probably imagine, I'm quite tired of this movie and sort of looking forward to Cars 2 this summer (or whenever it comes out on DVD).  But, now we're watching at a different level.  We're starting to look beyond the movie for the details that the creative team at Disney - Pixar left for us to discover.  Here are a few we've found:
  • Dinoco - the Major Sponsor that Lightening McQueen is trying to take over after "The King" retires, is the also the name of the gas station from Toy Story
  • Lightning McQueen's tires are "Lightyear" tires
  • We think the numbers on the cars are symbolic - 
    • Lightning McQueen is 95 - in 1995, Toy Story was released - Pixar's 1st full length feature
    • Chick Hicks - the Green car in the 3-way tie for the Piston Cup is 86 - 1986 is the year that Pixar was founded
    • We can't come up with anything for The King's number - 43.  
I started looking up more and found a page full of extras (and confirming those that we'd already noticed!)

Hopefully we can start watching different movies (Noah allowing!) soon, so we can start looking for these different movie tie-ins!


  1. Cars is my little man's favorite movie, too. Your recap sounds like a day in my house as well! I am also definitely looking forward to Cars 2 for a little change of pace. I don't know if you have yet or not, but we got Mater's Tall Tales for him for Christmas to switch it up a little. He really enjoyed seeing the same characters in some new stories.

  2. Cars is a favorite in my house as well. Cars 2 will be the first movie theater experience for my youngest son Lucas. I love all of the secrets you found!!

  3. We have the same thing here! The only thing is I know we will be hooked into buying a whole new set of diecast Cars! I love how Disney can add in all the little details and connect their movies to each other, as well as the creators.

    Well, we are really looking forward to Cars 2 too!

  4. Kelly, we took my little guy to see HOP a couple weekends ago for his first theater experience and it has us questioning whether we want to hit the theaters for Cars 2 or not. He did excellent in the theater and everything (which was a big concern since he's only 2), but later that afternoon he kept asking us for the Bunny Movie, which we obviously couldn't produce. I'm scared to take him to the theater to see Cars 2 for fear that's all he'll want after he sees it and there'll be a long wait for it to hit DVD. What do you ladies think?

  5. How cool! I never thought to look for stuff like that!

  6. "The King" is voiced by Richard Petty. His number while racing was 43. The King's wife (the station wagon) is voiced by Richard Petty's wife.

  7. I am in the same boat with Cars except it's with Mater's Tall Tales. I don't know if you saw, but I posted on my FB page the other day a bunch of Cars I found in my purse. I didn't realize I was carrying so many at once, and those are another must have for my son. Yes we are a bit Cars obsessed here too. We are going to try the movies for the first time when 2 comes out. :)

  8. We've noticed a lot of that stuff too. Most Pixar movies you will see a character or item from another movie. In Monsters Inc, there is a mobile hanging from Boo's ceiling with Nemo and the Toy Story ball with the star is on the floor. Drawing a blank and I can't remember any of the others right now! :)

    Cars is my alltime fav Pixar movie, possibly my fav Disney movie!! We have the soundtrack and listen to it all the time. My daughter used to think she was Lightning McQueen when she was little. My son adores it now. Looking forward to the sequel this summer! And so so psyched for Carsland to open in Disneyland. We are east coasters, but will definitely make the cross-country trek to check it out!

  9. Great thinking on looking for the creative detail. I am going to get my little one to join me in a deeper look. I've seen Cars about a hundred times and am looking forward to the new movie in June.
    Finn from Cars Toys