Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Disney Dining Plan - Not for the Dieters

Everyone has their own perspective on the Disney Dining Plan.  Melissa shared that for her family, it was simply too much food. Many have shared that it's absolutely worth it, because that way they can order whatever they choose, without feeling guilty ordering the most expensive thing on the menu.

But, I have a different take on that.  What if, maybe I'm being difficult just to be difficult here, but what if you're ordering the most expensive thing on the menu not because that's what you want, but because it's what you feel like you've already paid for.  For example - at Kouzzina by Cat Cora, a favorite of ours - the dish I have ordered on our 2 past trips has been the Spiced Briami.  Lots of vegetables, orzo, coated with cheese and baked.  Absolutely delicious and only $19.99.  If I had the dining plan, would I feel obligated to get the NY Strip Steak priced at $31.99 because it's that much more expensive, even if I just wanted the vegetable dish?  Maybe.  I'm not a huge steak person and our 1 steak dinner at  Le Cellier is enough steak (and delicious, I might add) to last me a month.

Or, what if we have all these huge meals and one night I simply want soup and salad?  As I've mentioned before, both here and over at Chip and Co., I'm a weight watcher and like to balance my meals - I don't like splurging every day on vacation, even after running a half marathon.  In fact, after a long run, I often crave salad.  Weird, isn't it?  But true.  And, if I've already obligated myself to a specific priced dinner, buying a salad may seem financially like a waste.

Plus, I know that I don't need my own dessert after every meal.  I'd much rather make my husband share with me (like a cupcake at Starring Rolls!)

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  1. Interesting....I fall solidly in the "love the Dining Plan" camp, and it never even occurred to me to order the most expensive thing on the menu. Honestly, I refused to look at the prices! For me the great thing about the dining plan was the luxury of ignoring costs (something I don't usually get to do in real life). I loved being able to focus on the food, not the money.

  2. Tricia - thanks for your response! I have yet to try it.. honestly, I pretty much do that on Disney vacation anyways.. order whatever we want :) I've heard from so many that they order the most expensive thing, thats what triggered this article!

  3. I can totally see your point. But if eating really is part of the attraction for you it might be more of a...I want the dining plan so that I can indulge in some really great dining options and you leave it at that. (obviously that is me) :0)

    Tricia I agree with you totally. Sometimes I want the most expensive thing and sometimes I don't. I really just LOVE to eat and love being able to pick whatever my heart desires.

  4. If you don't think you will want to take full advantage of the plan, (ordering desserts and full entrees at every meal) then no it's not worth it. For us, it is worth it.

    We work hard all year eating right, going to the gym daily. I love to eat and eat good when we're in Disney, it's a splurge and yes I want dessert after every meal! We rarely have dessert the rest of the this one week is a huge treat for us!

    I don't specifically order the most expensive item on the menu for value's sake...I order what I want. I admit there are times I look at the menu and opt not eliminate something simple like a chicken sandwich at Sci Fi, because it is only $12.99. But if I really was craving a chicken sandwich, I'd get it anyway.

  5. I am also on the 'I Love the DDP' camp! I actually just blogged about it today as well! I like to have to option to order the most expensive thing on the menu. I rarely ever do while dining at WDW. I'm not a huge fan of steak and red meats, but its fun having that option completely care free!

  6. All bets are off when it comes to dieting and the Disney Dining Plan; for us there is no such thing! And when it's your birthday and they bring they cupcake...heaven.
    There is no doubt about it, the dining plan is sheer indulgence. For those who choose wisely, kudos to you! I'm not strong enough!

  7.'is the thing..This will be my first time to Disney World (AUGUST 13-20) in I'm considering it like my very first time... I spent a lot of time before making a decision about the DDP... I made reservations and I cancelled them, I re made reservations and I kept changing them...At one point I said to myself: Well, hopefully this won't be my last visit to WDW, so take risks...anyways I dont think I will be able to try every restaurant, every food, every single item in the parks... so I decided no to take the plan. First of all because even though we loooove food...We don't usually eat HUGE meals or 3 course meals, and for sure dessert only once on the weekends...So we decided that we would keep some restaurant reservations (OHANA, TUSKER HOUSE BREAKFAST, CHEFS DE FRANCE, AKERSHUS, SCI FI DINE IN) that we are looking forward to try and a cuple of days for us free to decide where to eat and when to eat...I know we may not be able to find a restaurant for those 2 days but we'll take it easy and we'll just enjoy whatever we can grab here and there! As I said before, hopefully more trips will come...and If we decide that this way didnt work for us, next time we'll try the DDP!!! :) Can't wait for our trip!!!!!