Monday, April 25, 2011

Disney Family History

At my parents house last week, I started going through family history - my paternal family tree.  Thanks to and facebook, my dad has connected with family he never knew about and we're learning more about our family history than ever thought imaginable.

My maiden name is a very uncommon name.  In fact, even now on facebook, the only ones are in my immediate family.  But, researching my genealogy over the weekend, I remembered something from EPCOT as a kid:

Maybe you can help me place the attraction!

I remember as a child, being on a ride, that in my head was something like the Universe of Energy seating-wise, but ended looking at a panoramic movie screen that listed names of people from around the world.  I wish I could remember the context, but I was under 10 the last time I saw this, so the details are all a blur.

But, I do remember seeing our name with a slight spelling varient on the screen and knowing that somehow, that was a relative of mine.  And, searching through genealogy, finding old surnames, tombstones, and so much family history, I found that the odds are strong that it truly was a relative of mine on the screen!

Did anyone else ever find this kind of connection at Disney World?  I know in the UK Pavilion, they have family crests, but being of Eastern European descent, I'm pretty sure that's not in my history!

I'd love to hear about your history as well!  Please share here or on our facebook page!


  1. Check out my FB page as one follower has a comment in response to your article. Hope it helps!!

  2. I do! I have a Disney/family history to share. I'm presently writing a blog post about it, but I can share the gist of it.

    I'm related (distantly) to one of Walt's Nine Old Men. Oliver Johnston and I share ancestors. His great, great grandparents are MY great, great, great, great grandparents.

    My non-Disney friends have no idea why this excites me so much, but I'm thinking my Disney friends will "get it"! :o)

  3. I finally finished my blog post yesterday. Turns out Ollie is my third cousin twice removed.

    I never got to go to EPCOT as a kid. I was already a young adult when it opened and I didn't visit until 1999. The ride you are describing sounds interesting. I'd love to know what it was if you figure it out!