Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flying with a Toddler, again?

According to the mother of 3 in front of us on the plane, the crying is never as bad to the other passengers as it seems to the mother of the crying baby.

It's a nice thought, isn't it?  Flying at 11:30 a.m., we departed D.C. for South Florida (we're on our non-Disney Florida trip) in perfect time for Noah to eat and take a nap.  And, in a perfect world, he would have actually done that.  But, of course, this is reality, so that wasn't totally to be expected.

This trip was different because, as I mentioned last week, we purchased a seat for Noah.  I lugged Noah's car seat on my back through the airport, and once we were able to get on board, installed it into his own seat, located next to the window (that's the rule, car seat by the window).  The flight attendant, though hesitant to actually help, eventually came over and helped me - I had to simply put the seat belt behind his seat to "secure" it to the seat.  It wasn't all too stable, but it was stable enough for us.
Noah seemed to enjoy being able to look out the window, while we were still on the ground, he could watch the other planes and trucks zooming around.   Once we were in the air, I lowered the window shade in hopes that he would eventually conk out. After several minutes of fussing, we gave up and turned on Noah's favorite: Cars.

Luckily, at around 1 p.m. Noah finally fell asleep.  Adam and I were thrilled and finally sat back to enjoy our own movie (Harry Potter 7.1)

Unfortunately, this adorable peacefulness didn't last very long.  An announcement over the airplanes intercom woke him up with only a 30 minute nap.

Even though he didn't sleep as much as I had hoped, I would definitely say the car seat is the way to go for us.  Noah never tried to get out of his car seat, so even though he fussed a good bit (it was a bumpy ride), it was a much easier experience for us.

Looks like we have our new preferred method of travel...


  1. I flew from Florida to Syracuse, Ny when my older son was 14 months old. I lugged him & the giant car seat through the airport. It was difficult but having him in his own seat in his carseat was the best for us once we were actually on the plane.

  2. We've never used a car seat for either kid on a plane..they were great every time we've flown. Sat in their own seats and kept the seat belts on, never tried to get up or run around or anything. But I know a lot of parents prefer the car seat.

  3. I haven't flown with my toddler, but I did see this very cool car seat/ stroller combo in an airplane once. If you fly a lot and have the extra cash, this may be a good investment:

  4. We have three kids and all of them have been flying since there were infants.I have done flights with and without car seats...let me tell you I totally agree that a car seat is the way to go. They think that they are in the car. This past Disney trip we took..we did not bring a seat and man he was climbing all over the place. I was stressed!! I think it depends on your children too. My first was always great on the plane no matter what...but the two boys are very active. :0)

  5. I have to weigh in on the other side. I've flown with all 4 of mine at various stages of baby, toddler, and childhood and for us it worked MUCH better to have them in laps. I think it was a novelty to be in a vehicle and get to sit in Mama's lap. But then again, mine have all hated car seats!

  6. Even on our flight I saw children behaving completely differently - next to us, the mother of 3 had a 5 year old in a normal seat, a 3 year old in a car seat, and a 1 year old lap baby.. the lap baby barely made a peep and the other two flew like pros.. But, for us, Noah as a lap baby doesn't work. He doesn't sleep well and HATES to be constricted.. so the car seat was like a comfort for him.. between that and the opening of Cars 7 times, it was the easiest trip we've made yet!